Executive Consultant’s Message

Welcome to the Kyung Hee Overseas Development and Consulting, and thank you for visiting our homepage!


Development offers individual human beings opportunities and rights to be educated and live without poverty. Although various international agencies concentrated their own efforts to eliminate poverty and provide primary education, the performances have not been satisfactory.

Through our own efforts and international supports, Korea transformed into a donor country within a short period of time. Integrating those inherent experiences and know-hows, Kyung Hee Overseas Development and Consulting (KODAC) was created by distinguished experts from various backgrounds – World Bank, ADB, GSP – to train experts in the development fields.

KODAC is conducting numerous domestic and international development projects. Despite many challenges ahead, KODAC will continue to strengthen its capacities, especially through research cooperation. For this reason, KODAC is ready to be a partner with whoever and wherever our consultations and advices are needed.

We thank you for your interest and visiting our homepage.




Jae Sung, Kwak

Director of Kyung Hee Overseas Development and Consulting

Professor, Department of International Development
Cooperation Graduate School of Pan-Pacific International Studies