As a result of “Ugandan Education Improvement Project”, which Kyung Hee Overseas Development and Consulting (KODAC) has been undertaking since December 2014, 5 vocational schools were successfully established. Within the POSCO-Daewoo consortium, KODAC has been taking in charge of invitational trainings, dispatching experts, developing textbooks, etc. KODAC managed to accomplish 2 invitational trainings, 2 short-term and 3 long-term dispatches of experts and developing and distributing textbooks on 5 subjects related to engineering.


 The vocational schools could only have been built with the above mentioned efforts by KODAC and President Museveni of Uganda gave his thanks by mentioning that “this project will be the foundation for the development of Ugandan economy through industrialization”.


 It is planned that within the vocational schools, practical education related to maintenance of vehicles and electronic devices, welding, sewing and the computer usage will be provided. Also, POSCO-Daewoo announced that they will provide free repair service on the equipments for the next 2 years.


 Through consistent performance management, KODAC will strive for improving the education environment of Uganda.